May 12, 2019

Audiobookworm Promotions ~ The Abduction Of Nelly Don by Patrice Williams Marks

Author: Patrice Williams Marks

Narrator: Clay Lomakyu

Length: 4 hours and 49 minutes

Publisher: Circa Publishing

Released: Dec. 9, 2015

Genre: Historical Fiction, Thriller

During the Great Depression, high-profile kidnappings became more and more commonplace. On December 17, 1931, self-made millionaire fashion designer Nell Donnelly becomes the next casualty. Senator Reed, a family friend, steps in to lead the investigation. Impatient with ineffective police efforts, he is willing to go to extraordinary measures. How extraordinary? How about enlisting the help of two of Kansas City's most notorious crime bosses. This deal with two devils may very well be Reed's downfall. But more importantly, will the involvement of hardened gangsters lead to Nell Donnelly's freedom or her demise?


Patrice Williams Marks is an author, Sensitivity Reader, founder of courses that teach Sensitivity Reading, founder of a non-profit charity, founder of several film festivals with diverse entries from filmmakers and writers. She also has a background in public relations, marketing, and journalism with an emphasis on research. She penned her first book in third grade; The Day Snoopy Got Married. While it didn't make the New York Times Bestseller List, it was an instant classic with the Nunaka Valley Elementary School staff. From that moment forward, Patrice knew she was a writer. Patrice uses her investigative journalism background to excavate untold/unknown stories from times-past to populate her historical fiction novels based on true stories. She also writes non-fiction with the intention of sharing knowledge.

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The Abduction of Nelly Don Giveaway: 1-month Audible subscription

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  1. Hi, this is Patrice, the author. I'll be checking this post throughout the day today to see if there are any questions regarding the book, the story or the real-life characters. You can also find me at @PWilliamsMarks, Instagram: PatriceWillaimsMarks and

  2. This sounds like a fascinating, exciting story. I've always found stories that were based on true events to be intriguing. May have to check this one out. Thanks!